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Our practice stocks the latest in designer eyewear and sunwear for the individual in you.

Back to School 2020

Why is a comprehensive eye examination recommended for your back to school checklist? Because 80% of learning comes through eyesight, it is important for the child’s vision and eye coordination…

Sunscreen for your eyes

For decades ‘being smart in the sun’ campaigns have raised awareness about the dangers of sun exposure. This is why it is so important.

Some facts about cataracts

More than 700,000 Australians are affected by cataracts, a clouding of the eye’s naturally clear lens. It’s the most common eye disease and leading cause of visual impairment in older Australians.

6 reasons to try contact lenses

If you’re a glasses wearer, adding contact lenses to your suite of eyewear options makes sense for those times when glasses can get in the way.

New eyewear arrivals

Whether it’s spring racing, a garden wedding or less formal events under the sun, our new season sunglass collections offer fresh shapes, styles and colours for the vibrant months ahead. 

Presbyopia – are you reading at arm’s length?

Do you find yourself having to hold the menu further away to read it? Are you struggling to read messages on your mobile phone or the small print on grocery labels?  If you are, you’re not alone.